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Librarian Negotiation 101 June 28, 2009

Posted by cmvlibrarian in Conferences, Professional Development.

High stakes international diplomacy or corporate takeovers are images most people associate with negotiation. But negotiation can be integral to an information professional’s career as well.

Need some convincing? According to Mary Ellen Bates, president and founder of Bates Information Services, 70% of men make more money than their female colleagues for the same job just because they push back on the first salary offer when taking a new job.

Bates actually gave an impressive presentation on “Painless Negotiation” at the 2009 SLA Annual Conference. Some highlights from Bate’s presentation:

  • Remembering you always have choices, even if you don’t like them.
  • Use I-statements and speak in terms of what you WANT-not what you think you DESERVE.
  • Remember that while negotiation can feel unpleasant, its bigger payoff makes it worth it.
  • Try to figure out and address the other party’s concerns before they can raise objections.

Keep in mind that negotiation isn’t limited to wage issues or even only conducted with your supervisor. Most info pros have had to manage a client/patron’s expectations at some point-this is just another form of negotiation. For more tips and strategies on being a successful negotiator, I highly recommend viewing the complete version of the presentation at Bates’s website.



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