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Is Chrome the New Color of the Web? September 3, 2008

Posted by cmvlibrarian in Social networking, Web browsers, Web productivity.
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Photo by Randy Zhang on Flickr. License information at http://tinyurl.com/2mawah

Google recently unveiled its new web browser, Chrome. While Chrome does show promise, it isn’t enough to for me to make it my default web browser instead of Flock.

I will say that it is clearly more advanced and intuitive than the Internet Explorer and that’s just in Chrome’s beta version. According to Cnet, Chrome’s apparently giving FireFox a run for its money as well in terms of speed and robustness.

Chrome does have a few features I really like. The independent tabs not causing the whole browser to crash if one of them experiences an error and the superior recovery support Chrome boasts are long overdue. Being able to create desktop or task bar shortcuts to my favorite web apps like Google Calendar, Twitter and Librarything is also a plus since I can go instantly to my account without having to open a traditional browser.

But in its current beta version I still don’t think Chrome beats Flock in terms of user experience and web productivity. Web 2.0 has blown away the expectations of being spoon fed content and Flock excels at allowing users to create and share dynamic content easily. With Flock I instantly know if one of my friends has sent me a direct Tweet on Twitter or message on Facebook. I can click one button and instantly email a webpage to any of my contacts or I can drag a photo from Flickr to a friend’s icon on Facebook to share my image.

For users like me the social interaction Flock enables can’t be beat; this doesn’t mean Chrome’s doomed to failure though. Streamlining these social networking accounts into the browser would likely encourage more people to use Chrome. Another thing to keep in mind is not all users are for lack of a better term “power Web 2.0 users” or may have access to the sites that give Flock its edge blocked in certain situations (like work or school). In those cases Chrome could become the web browser of choice. However, I’m sure with Chrome in its beta version we haven’t seen Google break out all the bling on its shiny new web warrior just yet.